A two-days mentor training, isn’t it too long?

A Reverse mentoring program is an efficient and powerful tool as long as we invest time to deploy it properly: potential fails would imply much more than missed opportunities.

Our approach has one clear purpose: your project’s success by preparing your mentors on different topics.

Some of our customers assign several mentees to a mentor, in order to capitalize on time and means invested. Others consider this program is a real opportunity for mentors to grow and then train regularly new batch of mentors.

Why should I call on an external resource to shape and launch a Reverse mentoring program?

Calling on an external expert presents many benefits :

  • Getting a valuable feedback from similar programs in other companies.
  • Benefiting from a technical and adapted content
  • Offering a training and a supervision about mentor posture during the entire project, out of reporting lines.

Young generations are digital natives, is it really necessary to train them before they begin being mentors?

Possibly, some young talents will already have a good capacity to pass on their knowledge to a neophyte. Nevertheless, experience has shown it is not the case of every potential mentor.

A lot of them spontaneously start by the “how” (of a tool or a technology), where mentees’ expectations are more on the “why”. Our educational supports allow mentors to answer to these needs.

A volunteer mentor is a motivated mentor, so what can a training bring to his/her posture?

Despite a strong enthusiasm, some mentors express a real apprehension before starting their mentoring relationship. Being a top-managers’ mentor can especially be impressive. At the end of those training, the set of taught skills allows them to surpass their fear. Moreover, the support provided with the coaching sessions is very supportive in some instances, and therefore another guaranty of success.

Is it easy to be a mentor?

After an adequate training, the majority of mentors consider their role as easy and gratifying. It is, however, important to bear in mind that each person is different, mentors’ as well as mentees’. It is why tools and notions from our training program empower mentors to build a healthy and trustful relationship with his mentee(s).

We also supervise challenging mentoring relationship to help mentors grow and find their balance.