Digital has revolutionized the way we interact with our environment.

Every day, digital natives join your company and bring with them new tools, innovative usages, and a culture: the digital one.

Reverse Mentoring is creation of internal pairs between a Mentee (senior executive) and a Mentor (digital native).

An operational solution that promotes the transfer of knowledge and habits, while strengthening intergenerational links.


Digital implies tools and usages from which flow a culture. Those three elements impact our relationships, the way we work and the paradigms shaping our professional environment.

Change Factory is a digital acculturation lab. Our mission is to accompany our customers in setting their digital transformation, taking existing corporate culture into account.

At the heart of our approach?

Focusing on usages and digital culture rather than technique and technology. The purpose of our program is to place in the hands of your top-management the keys to understand and better grasp their digitalized environment and integrate it into their innovation strategy.


We accompany your mentors to structure their digital skills and define the outline of their mentor posture. We developed a range of ready-to-use contents, polished by our experts, and approved by our clients. 

Strengthening your talents in their new role also means cultivating confidence which will be essential for them in order to guarantee the program’s success.


Our experts are partnering with you to set up your Reverse mentoring program.

Out of reporting lines, they keep a panoramic eye on the project and position themselves as privileged interlocutors for your mentors to guaranty the program’s consistency and homogeneity in its results.


  • Acculturate your top-management
  • Develop your managers posture
  • Train your juniors
  • Enhance corporate communication
  • Open the door to more initiative
Ophélie Ayouaz

Digital & innovation consultant


Ophélie is a consultant, a trainer and a yoga teacher. Since 2014 she has been a reverse mentor in large and international companies. She has built and adapted Reverse Mentoring programs which she facilitates today in France and abroad. With her experience in coaching and professional development, Ophélie strives to turn your young talents into committed and caring mentors.


Mentors trained

Marielle and Loïc were very attentive to our needs. They knew how to engage our mentors and help them to open up to one another as well as questioning their posture and learn the tools to build a lasting relationship with their mentees. It was an incredible experience which was enriching for each and everyone of us.

Xavier Charles Head of Digital Communication GRDF Sud-Ouest

Relevant exercises, safe environment, this mentor training allowed me to understand some key-notions of transmission and clarify others. I now feel ready and confident to start this mentoring relationship.

Jean-Jacques Digital Reverse Mentor

This 1-to-1 call was really necessary for me to refocus my attention on my real motivation, on why I signed up to this program in the first place. I can’t wait now to meet again with my mentee and dream big about digital in our company.

Jean-Baptiste Digital Reverse Mentor

I’m impressed by my personal reaction, I’m growing confidence. I enjoy and believe in this program.

Isabel Digital Reverse Mentor

Soft skills learnt during the training helped me on the very first session with my mentee. Since he has a strong personality, it helped me to stay grounded in my posture of mentor.

Gregory Digital Reverse Mentor

Every tools we explored during the training I now use in my daily job. It is so important and valuable to foster a fluid communication with my colleagues and get things done in a smooth way thanks to these tools.

Olivier Digital Reverse Mentor



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